Why Children Need to have More Play Dates?
Why Children Need to have More Play Dates?

Have you ever tried solving 7th grade math questions? If you have deciphered the subjects, then you are clearly a super parent. However, unfortunately, not all of us are that smart. In this era of hard-hitting competition and labyrinthine academic subjects, children are constantly burdened mentally and physically. Most parents do not take the idea of play dates seriously. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that most parents think of play dates as a waste of time. In this post, I have highlighted the 3 most crucial things that come out of play dates. Scrolls down to find out.


Emotional and Social Development

Play dates are so much more than just a little get together where children share their toys. Play dates allow children to build an emotional and social connection with other children and learn the behavioral norms of a social setting. Think about it, without play dates, children will never develop the self esteem that allows them to function properly in a social setting. Play dates in an earlier childhood allow children to break the ice and experiment with their behaviors.

Creative development

Creative Development

Creativity cannot be taught in classrooms; it is something that comes naturally. However, according to the growing body of research, children are not born with creative skills; they simply pick up skills as they along through their school and college areas. The more creative a child’s environment is, the more creative skills he’s going to develop. For example, arranging a play date near commercial playground equipment has far more beneficial effects on a child’s creative development than the play dates that are arranged indoors.

Physical development

Physical Development

Creative, social and emotional developments are only some of the benefits of play dates. The biggest advantage derived from play dates is undoubtedly the physical and muscular strength. Most children do not participate actively in sports activities and school playground equipment activities, which keep children from nurturing their physical strengths. Play dates bring opportunities for children to get together with their friends and have both exercise and recreation.

The above-mentioned benefits are only a few of the benefits that can be derived through play dates. In addition to bringing recreation to children, the play dates allow parents to have a time out. Think about it, your child is busy with his friends for two hours giving you the opportunity to be with yourself. If you feel like that you can’t leave your child alone, figure out a way to spend time with yourself while you watch your kids. Here is a list of things that you can do:

  • Call some friends and have them over
  • Watch your favorite sitcom on your smart phone or tablet
  • Engage with your children (play treasure hunt, hide and seek and various other similar games)
  • Ask a friend to watch the kids while you treat yourself with a spa day

A play date is the time for you and your child to enjoy, so let go of your worries for a day and have fun with your kids.

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